Stories of the People Behind Fruit Cocktail

      There are stories behind every item that goes through our hands in a day, from the toothpaste we use in the morning, to the sandwich we have at lunch, to the slippers we put on our feet at night.  People make these items using the resources of our world, and understanding the stories of how our consumer goods are made tell us more about our world and reveal connections between people and places that are often hard to see.  

     In many grocery stores, there is a large section of an aisle dedicated to processed fruit products and an entire produce section.  The pages in this section tell the stories behind those grocery store items.  The story is divided into four sections, much like chapters in a book.  Within each section are pages dedicated to topics, events, or people important in that era.  We recommend that you go through the story in the order in which it is presented, but you can also select only the pages that interest you by navigating through the side menu.  

     This story will help you to understand how America's food supply developed to serve the needs of people in the twentieth century and all the people who worked to make it happen.